Ideas for Filling Plastic Easter Eggs for Children and Egg Hunt Ideas too !

easter egg

filling plastic easter eggs

We recently went to see my cousin’s daughter (she may be my first cousin once removed; at least that is how we figured out the whole cousin relationship thing) and her family. She has a new baby boy that we were excited to meet and a cute, shy 31/2 year old daughter. I wanted to bring the kids a little something. I chose a Easter story book and then I decided to fill some plastic eggs that I thought would be perfect for a little girl. Filling the eggs brought back some wonderful memories of when my children were little. So, I thought I would share my ideas of filling the eggs for little ones. Our first experience with the ‘plastic Easter egg’ occurred when we went on a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt. Plastic eggs  were hidden all around the park and they were filled with candy. Instantly, I loved these eggs. I have adapted it to suit my needs many times over the years. When Jessica was little I hid plastic eggs and filled them with treasures that were not candy. I know, Easter is chocolate, but do little ones really need to eat all that candy? Jessica was thrilled with all the things inside the eggs and I did put a few treats in some. Once I had three children I had each kid hunt for a certain coloured egg. This was so the eight year old didn’t find most of the eggs and the three year old would only find a few. Some years I would put the kids names on the plastic eggs and they would search for their own names (just use a permanent marker). One last thing is that my playgroup used them for our parties. We would each bring eggs filled with one special treat (i.e.stickers, candy,toy, crackers…) We would decide on a number of eggs to use, for example each child would find 8 eggs. Therefore, each Mom brought 8 filled eggs per child with their treat of choice. We would mix them all together and hide them and the kids all ended up with a big variety of treats at the end.

Here are my ideas of some fun things, other then candy, to fill the eggs with!

 Easter egg ideas    Stuffed animals


plastic Easter egg ideas

teddy bear cookies or other small cookies or crackers, like goldfish for example.

 filling plastic Easter egg ideas

small plastic animals or cars

plastic Easter egg ideas

small bouncy balls

 filling plastic Easter egg ideas


 plastic Easter egg idea

filling plastic Easter egg ideas

Fruit Gummies are great and you can buy so many varieties of these!

 plastic Easter egg ideas

Small Easter Decorations

 plastic Easter egg ideas

Be sure to look around the Dollar store, it is such a great place! You also check the birthday party aisle where you can buy a small package of something to divide up amongst the children. They have lots of stuff that comes in small packages for loot bags. Another place for fun tiny things is in the pharmacy where there are small bottles for traveling. You could luck out with a small fold up toothbrush, or tiny toothpaste or something else fun. I hope you have fun filling your eggs!

Here is a recap of the list of all the items in the photographs!

  • stuffed animals
  • plastic animals
  • stickers
  • tattoos
  • tiny cookies or crackers in fun shapes
  • a box of raisins
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • homemade trail mix
  • fruit gummy treats
  • Easter treasures
  • bouncy balls
  • yo –yo
  • mini stamps and stamp pad
  • whistle


  • How about putting a “coupon” inside the egg! It could be for special time spent with Mom or Dad or a special outing!
  • pennies or small change
  • a stamp with your child’s name on it!
  • you could fill each egg with a few items that all go together. For example, each egg holds a piece to a puzzle or Lego that will build something small. You get the idea!
  • How about some play jewellery! small rings and necklaces!
  • small race cars
  • you could roll up a fun pair of new socks! maybe an Easter pair!
  • if you are creative you could put some craft supplies in each egg. Fill one egg with a small package of googly eyes and another with pom-poms etc.
  • hair accessories
  • Fill the eggs with clues that will lead to a bigger surprise!
  • mini bottle of bubbles
  • marbles
  • if you find something fun that does not fit in an egg, wrap it in tissue paper with your child’s name on it and hide it anyway. I bet they will love it just the same!

 Easter egg ideas

Kids are never too old to search for eggs! My older kids still love to run around the house looking for eggs. Nowadays it is usually chocolate eggs or jellybeans but sometimes I still hide a few plastic eggs with their name on it and they find a bit of money on the inside. Now that makes teenagers happy!

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4 responses

  1. This was an amazing idea Mary! Anna LOVED the eggs and all the fun treats inside. It is perfect because it primed her expectations for Easter that not every egg holds a sugary treat. I think she even preferred finding things like toys and raisins instead. Thanks again!!

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