Decorative Glass Jar Lids for Easter

beautiful painted jars lids for Easter

I am so excited about this project. I saw ideas for painted glass jars on Pinterest that looked so awesome! That inspired me to try my own version and I added in some of my own ideas as well.


  • glass jars – new or old
  • spray paint –any kind that works on glass or your jar lid surface
  • a plastic or metal or wood “trinket” to glue on the top (it could be a decoration or toy)
  • super/crazy glue


Here is my first jar (which I bought at Ikea)and the small plastic bunny I used for the lid. The bunny was on a piece of wire to use in a basket as decoration. I just took the wire off and sanded it flat.

painted jars for Easter

Here is bunny in position. I used the super glue to attach him.

painted jars for Easter

Next I spray painted the entire lid. Put it face down. Spray one side, let dry and then the other. Keep going until it is all covered.

painted jars for Easter

Here is the finished jar filled with Easter Eggs!

painted jars for Easter

Now I will tell you that I had some trouble with the spray painting! I have never used spray paint before and so my handy husband was giving me some tips. ( I am not kidding, he is very handy) So, he thought we should pull the pin out of the nozzle which we did. I went about spraying and it was coming out really fast. My husband came back for a look and realized that we shouldn’t have done that. So the jar lid was a bit drippy and covered in too much paint so he tried to sand it and redo for a smoother finish. Sadly, it did not come out perfectly. Anyway, I got another couple of jars to try again.( Once I find something I love I become a bit obsessed). There definitely is a technique to spray painting. You need to give a light spray and let it dry and keep repeating. It was also hard to paint on the curved edges. My jars are not perfect but they are pretty darn cute so I am happy and I think I will continue to practice my spray painting technique.

So on to the next jars we go…

I got 2 jars from the thrift store and I bought some new spray paint! yellow this time. I had another little bunny for the lid and I had the little bird (in the photo) but in the end I did not like him, he seemed too big so I used a little plastic egg instead.

painted jars for Easter

Here are the lids. I pre-painted the one lid because I was going to glue on the yellow bird and just leave it without paint but I changed my plan and used the egg.  So here are the lids at the start.

painted jars for Easter

Here is the yellow bunny lid on the jar filled with eggs.

painted jars for Easter

This lid is a little less obviously Easter but isn’t the egg on top cute?

painted jars for Easter


painted jars for Easter

painted jars for Easter

I loved the bunny silhouette in this next photo.

painted jars for Easter

painted jars for Easter

painted jars for Easter

I think these jars filled with Easter candy would make an excellent hostess gift. Happy Easter everyone. ♥

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  1. Mary, these are fabulous – and the dollar store has lots of jars too !! Perhaps a rhinestone or two to jazz them up haha, not !

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