My Family Hockey Pool and My Thanks

My family has had a hockey pool for the last several years. It is organized by the biggest hockey fans at my house, my husband and my son. My oldest daughter willingly joined in, my youngest daughter and I were bribed. Neither one of us has any interest in hockey, if anything, I have a long standing dislike of watching the game on t.v. It goes back to my childhood when every Saturday night my Dad watched “Hockey Night In Canada”. Of course my family only had one t.v. so I had to find something else to do on those evenings. Sometimes I would go and sit with my family as they watched, but I never really enjoyed it. I used to try to ask my Dad questions, but he never heard me, he was too busy yelling at the game on t.v. So that set the stage for my dislike of hockey. I went from a childhood home of hockey to an adult version. My husband is a hockey fan and so is my son. They talk hockey all of the time, my son even keeps statistics on the games and the players. The only good news is that we have more than one t.v. so I can escape it if I want to.

Now, back to the hockey pool. My husband and my son came up with this “fun” idea but they needed more people to help choose teams,so my youngest and I were bribed to join. We were offered a trip to Dairy Queen (ice cream store) if we won. We thought that sounded pretty good so we joined. That set a precedent and now every year we are asked to join the hockey pool. My son gets on the computer and yells out the choices… this team or that team… they will win in this number or games or that many games. Some days I am just not in the mood, so I have come up with a strategy. I take a brief moment to think about my choices… ha ha , who am i kidding, I don’t think at all! I pick my teams based on a place I might like to go, whether it is sunny and warm there, if I like the place and sometimes I may just like the sound of the name of the team. When it comes to choosing the number of games I sometimes will pick numbers from a hat.

As the years have passed, I almost dread the hockey pool season because I know my hockey crazed men will be after me to pick my choices.However, there is one upside! Can you guess what it is? I often WIN, yup WIN !! he he. I have won a couple of times over the years and this year, so far, I am tied for 2nd. I have no clue that I am winning until my husband tells me and then I do a happy dance. Now that is the part of the hockey pool that I like!

This is the only pleasure I have gotten from hockey, watching my son play!


A Thank-you!

I have once again had the pleasure of having the Sunshine Award given to me. This time it came from fellow blogger Beverly at She also sent me a sweet note to say that my blog makes her smile and that she appreciates what I write. That is just about the nicest thing I have ever heard! To think that I can write something that people would enjoy reading really makes my day. Thank-you so much Beverly. I have shared the awards around a bit myself and I do not want to overwhelm anyone. I do enjoy looking at some great blogs. I think I will just list a few for you to check out if you like. I will answer the fun questions that Beverly passed along.

I would also just like to thank every single person who follows my blog and reads it regularly. I started in December without a clue as to what I was doing and I am enjoying it so much and my ‘followers’ are growing. (now that sounds funny) I thank all of you for your comments and the “likes”. Each one means so much to me and I am very grateful. ♥

  • What is your favourite color?  PINK – fuchsia
  • What is your favourite animal?  dogs
  • What is your favourite number?  Six
  • What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  chocolate milk
  • Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook – I don’t do Twitter
  • What is your passion?  hmmm, baking, crafts,spending time with my family and friends 
  • Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  I love getting but I love giving too! i love to choose the perfect gift for people
  • What is your favourite pattern?   HEARTS ♥ and I am pretty sure I overuse them on my blog! ha ha
  • What is your favourite day of the week?   Saturday because it is a day off from my job and I can hang out with my family and do something fun (hopefully) after the laundry,cleaning etc. is done.
  • What is your favourite flower?  really love the flowers in spring like lilacs, daffodils

Here are a few blogs I enjoy! I may have mentioned a couple of these before!

Have a wonderful week-end!

Mary ♥

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7 responses

  1. Mary your are so sweet! Congrats to YOU! Yes, you deserve awards for all the smiles you bring to my face! Thank you for thinking about my blog, I am surprised you mentioned me when I am slow at putting up my awards lately. Appreciate it lots. Hey…love your hockey post. I grew up in a Hockey Family and being French…you guessed it!! “Montreal Canadiens” rocked in my house. ha ha I actually am a hockey fan, not quite as much as my 3 brothers though. My whole family watched it! Have a wonderful day. Renee :)

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