Yup, we painted our Kitchen Table

kitchen table

This solid oak table has been a part of our family for 16 years! It has seen thousands of meals, homework, craft projects, crowds of people sitting around, school projects that include glue and glitter. It is worn from sitting in a summer window. It was in desperate need of some help and since we moved into our new house, it looks even worse. It just blends into our floors and walls.

Last year around Christmas time the idea came up to paint it. It was risky because we could end up making it look worse.

kitchen table

We decided it was worth the chance and with my handy husband in charge, we started to make plans. No, the truth is, my husband made plans. I really didn’t think going through all of that work to update the table was going to be that much fun. He insisted he was up to the challenge.

kitchen table

This Fall the project really got underway and we now have an amazing looking refreshed kitchen table and chair set in our kitchen. As always, my husband did an amazing job! It is very challenging to take photos into this area because of the 2 windows, so this is the best shot I could get. ( and the other 3 chairs were still being worked on)

kitchen table

kitchen table

My favourite part is how the detail on the table really pops now. I don’t think it was really noticeable before.

kitchen table

I think it was a lot more work than my husband anticipated ( as in, it took a lot more coats to get a good finish) but the table certainly has a whole new life! I hadn’t planned on sharing the details of how he did the job but he says he had a unique method. So one day soon I will get him to type up an explanation. One of my most popular posts ever was the Bathroom Reno my husband did at our house! Considering how many people are looking for DIY home renovations, perhaps it would be helpful.

Bye for now!

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