The Thankful Tree

I thought I would share this idea again for those that didn’t see it last year.  This is my 2nd American Thanksgiving and this year I am working full time in an elementary school. I am looking forward to the 5 day vacation that is coming this week.  It feels funny to be in a school where we keep talking about Thanksgiving (when meanwhile, I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in October!) We also had a potluck Thanksgiving lunch last week and I was amazed at how people could turn their vegetables into casseroles! I peeked into one crock pot and it was filled with corn and 2 large lumps of what I thought was butter. I was thinking that was a lot of butter but turns out it was cream cheese!! CREAMY CORN! my co-worker told me!, “Its delicious”. There were a few other vegetable casseroles too. I enjoy learning about all of the traditions in my new home.

So here is this cute little project again. Have a WONDERFUL week and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!


In honour of American Thanksgiving, I thought I would share this wonderful idea from Family Fun Magazine.  Many years ago I was a girl guide leader for my daughter’s troop. In Canada the little girls are called Sparks which is the same as Daisies here in the U.S.A.  I organized this project for us to do as a group. I brought in a pot and a branch and the girls made the leaves.

We had leaf tracers in different coloured paper for the Sparks to cut out. Then we wrote on them what we were thankful for and hung them on our tree. Since the girls were young I put a sentence starter for them to write on such as, I am thankful for …_____. This idea doesn’t have to be just for kids! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a tree set up for guests to your Thanksgiving gathering? You could have an assortment of premade leaves and guests could choose a leaf to write on and hang it on the tree as they arrive.

Please click on the link above and have a look at the directions for this great idea.

This is my first American Thanksgiving since moving to Kansas and I am VERY Thankful to the new friends that I have made and for how kind people have been to my family. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving next week!

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