Oreo Snowman Treats


Some blog posts are worth repeating! I made these late in the season last year so although I shared them, it may have been too late for people to give them a try. Here they are again just in case you are looking for a simple idea for your children.


It seems snowmen are my thing this year! I made these as a treat for my kindergarten friends! I left the container filled with snowmen with the teachers last Friday so they could let the children have them when it was best for their schedule (at the end of the day or something like that) When I went in to volunteer yesterday I got so many big “Thanks” from the children when they saw me. I guess they loved the snowmen and the teachers said they were thrilled because they ate them outside on the playground!


  • white fudge Oreos
  • white chocolate chips
  • candy to make a snowman face
  • spoon and/or paintbrush

They are made from white fudge Oreos so they were pretty easy to do.


It is awesome that they are covered in white fudge already. If you don’t have Oreos where you live, you could always use another cookie and dip it in white chocolate yourself. I used a fruit roll-up to make the noses and tiny decorative candy for the eyes and smile.



I melted white chocolate chips to use as glue. I gently pried the cookies apart to put the lollypop stick inside. Just use a paint brush or spoon to spread some chocolate in there and re stick it together. Then use the chocolate to reseal the edges of the cookie. (Some of the cookies popped right open while others were a bit more challenging! However they were easy to reassemble with the melted chocolate).




I used mini M&M’s for eyes but I decided they were too big so the rest were made with the tiny candies (from the cake decorating section). I made about 46 of these snowmen and I used about 1/2  of a bag of white chips.




If you love these snowmen as much as I do then you may also like these other Oreos I made for my grade 2 friends as my ‘going away’ gift to them before I moved. These Oreo Pops were covered in chocolate and personalized with the children’s names!

All the thanks,smiles and hugs I got from the children yesterday sure made bringing this treat worth it to me. I was so glad the children enjoyed them. My own big teen children were happy too because there were a few leftover!

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