Crazy Kansas Weather in April

If you recall my blog from the week-end, I was commenting on how hot it was on Saturday! It was too hot to put the oven on and cook dinner. We were wearing our shorts and at one point my husband said he felt like for a moment he was on a tropical vacation. We were sitting and enjoying the warm breeze blowing and the air was sticky.

Fast forward to Monday and we wake up to COLD and snow covering the grass.

snow in April

From shorts on Sunday to winter coats on Monday.

As I was heading out the door to work this morning, I stepped out the front to see that our sprinkler system was on! My husband had only just gotten it turned on a week ago. Our grass was being watered in the snow. That was pretty silly but what caught my eye was the 2 crazy Robins that were bouncing with delight in the spray.

snow in April

I quickly grabbed my camera to take these photos, but the robins were a bit far away (and don’t forget I was on my way to work) I cropped the pic – can you see the sprinkler and the robins?

snow in April

This is my tree covered in blossoms.

snow in April

This is the neighbour’s tree across the street with pink blossoms. On my drive to work I saw some very pretty pink blossoms. They looked extra special against the white snow.

snow day in April

Life in Kansas really is all about the crazy weather. I have lived here for 20 months and I am still not used to it.

I hope to be wearing my shorts again tomorrow.

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5 responses

  1. Fun pictures! I love how robins puff up and get all fat when it’s so cold outside.
    Today was absolutely brutal, wasn’t it? Especially after such a gorgeous weekend! -Amy

    • I wish I had enough time this morning to put the zoom lens on my camera to get a better photo of the Robins. and YES, it was brutally cold!! We took the kindergartners out in the afternoon for recess and that wind was COLD!

      • Oh my, that was brave! I was always the one who wanted to have indoor recess on these days…even though I knew the kids really needed to get out and move around.

    • The weather here is Kansas is very changeable and although the people I work with complain about being tired of winter, I find the random days of sun and warmth give me a refresher and winter doesn’t seem so bad. In Canada the snow covered, slushy roads seems to last forever and its easy to get tired of it. I am crossing my fingers that spring is here to stay this time!!

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