Missing my Kids this Easter :(


Holidays are a time for Families to get together and visit, laugh, EAT and celebrate. This Easter holiday has got me thinking about my kids and about how pretty soon we will be empty nesters.

This is the first time ever that I will not be celebrating Easter with all my Children and I am really sad to not be seeing them. When we agreed to move to Kansas from Ontario Canada, I knew there was a chance we might not be able to get together for some holidays. However, now that the moment is here, I am really missing them. Moving so far away is a big sacrifice for all of us. I sometimes don’t think my older children that stayed in Canada understand why we agreed to move. The decision about moving was a HUGE one for us, there was so much to consider. There were definite positives to moving (or we wouldn’t be here!) but the big downside is being far away from family.

This Easter ,without all our kids here, is also a big reminder that our Children are growing up and will soon be starting there own life journeys. My husband and I will then take a back seat and it will all come back to just me and him. That seems so bizarre (and a bit scary) to me because I LOVE being a Mom and I love hosting and celebrating and planning the food, the decor and the crafts for a holiday. It is going to take some adjusting to not having children at home after all these years. It is funny how most of the life events that come along are happy and exciting and events that you look forward too. You go to school, get a job, get married and have children and its all exciting. This upcoming major event of becoming an empty nester does not hold the same joy, at least not for me. 

I tried to come up with a plan for all of us to get together this Easter but it did not work out. It is so much harder to travel from here to there then I imagined it would be and such a pain. I looked into options where we could all meet in the middle, but with limited days off, job commitments for all of us and limited and EXPENSIVE flights, it just did not work out.

I don’t have the same enthusiasm this Easter that I usually do! Plus I have been sick with a cold/virus that just won’t go away and a toothache. I guess that explains why I am writing this blog o’ woe. Ha ha

Despite that ,my Husband and my youngest Daughter and I will do our best to enjoy this week-end and we will be thinking about our Oldest Children and family back in Canada.  One day we will all be back in the same country again and I hope we will always be able to visit and share the holidays.

I recently came across a blog I wrote for Easter in 2012 and it made me smile. Funny how times change.


Sending love to my kids J.P. and K.P. this Easter ♥ ♥ ♥ xox

Most of the time I try to write cheerful blogs! Are you looking for some fun Easter Ideas? Check out this link filled with Easter FUN.

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9 responses

  1. Oh, Mary, I SO understand what you’re feeling. I like your observation that unlike most of life’s milestones, the empty nest thing is NOT a happy time. At least that’s been my experience. Thinking of you as you miss your babies.-Amy

    • Thank-you very much! I enjoy reading your blog because I feel like we are both going through similar life experiences and I know you understand how I feel and vice versa. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Happy Easter Mary. I remember when my hubby and I became empty nesters, I had tears rolling down my face. I call it the cycle of life. They are adult kidlets now and we are grand parents looking forward to our 44th wedding anniversary in the summer. On the other hand, this year we will all be together at our house for Easter dinner. I have spent holidays without them so I do empathize my friend. Keep your chin up.. big hugs, love your blog always.. Renee ♥

    • Thank-you for your encouragement Renee! you are so sweet. I am certainly not looking forward to becoming an empty nester but I have a couple of years left with my Youngest still at home. I guess I will adjust to the next phase of the life cycle but unlike most milestones, I am not happily anticipating it to come.
      Happy Easter to you and your family too. Mary

      • You’re so welcome. I feel that you and your hubby are close and that is so important. I always tell my daughter how important it is for her and my son-in-law to take time for just the two of them as someday the kidz will be gone and it will be ‘just the two of you’. It wasn’t the best part of my life, although my hubby and I have tons of fun together. lol :)

      • You are so right about staying connected as a couple. pretty soon it will just be us. AHHHHH!!!! ha ha just kidding :)

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