Cheerful Thoughts for Easter

easter gifts

If you read my blog o’ woe yesterday, you know I am missing my family and I am sick! ( I had 11 hours of sleep last night, so I am hoping to be on the mend) The two things don’t go together when you think about having a Happy Holiday! I guess its just as well that I made no plans because I have been feeling so worn out with this virus that I can’t imagine hosting an Easter Party. I am now thinking I may have allergies on top of it all. Kansas is known for its allergies. Guess I will try some allergy meds and see if that helps.

Opps, I almost forgot that I am here to share my CHEERFUL Easter thoughts… silly me.

So, this lovely box of goodies in the photo above, came in the mail from my Mom. It was such a nice surprise and we are enjoying the treats.


My husband brought me these flowers to cheer me up and it worked. They are so pretty and I love the colours. He has been great helping with meals and chores too.


The kindergarten class had an Easter Egg hunt on Thursday. They had to fill their cartoon with eggs numbered 1 through 12. I wish I could share photos of their faces! They were excited. It reminded me of all the wonderful Easter Eggs Hunts I used to do with my Playgroup friends of Moms and kids.

plastic eggs

One boy brought eggs that you could throw and they smashed open and were filled with confetti! I have never heard of such a thing! Messy but cool too.

confetti eggs

A co worker brought in these little nest treats. It was a pretzel on the bottom with a small Rolo chocolate melted on top and then the jelly beans were put on. They were so cute and tasty too.


I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a WONDERFUL EASTER SUNDAY!!!! Despite not feeling my best, I am blessed to be spending the day with my Husband and beautiful Daughter. Our plans involve homemade waffles and perhaps a nice walk. We are puppy sitting for awhile in the afternoon and my husband is cooking dinner (steaks on the BBQ) My Daughter and I are hoping to make a dessert. All in all, it sounds like a pretty nice and relaxing day!

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