Sharing my Smile of the Week ♥ My Easter Highlights

easter basket

I had a great idea! Every now and then I am going to post my “smile” for the week. There is something that makes me smile everyday and I thought it would be great to share and maybe make someone else smile too. It is important to take a moment and think about what you have to smile about and be grateful for the good things in life. So, here is my “smile”.

I wrote about how hard it is to have moved far, far away and to not be seeing my family over the Easter Holidays but I did have some smiles on Easter after all. Here they are;

On Easter Sunday morning there was a lovely basket of treats sitting on my front step. I could see it out the window as I wandered to the kitchen for coffee. There was no note though, so I wasn’t sure who it was from. I have a few close friends here in Kansas so I went through the list of possible suspects. hmmm… such a mystery! I posted it on Facebook but no one came forward. Finally when I accused a friend, the bright red colour of her face and extremely guilty look gave her a way! This friend reads my blog and after reading my “blog of woe is me”, she felt I needed a smile. I am thankful to have friends like her. Thank-you Secret Bunny!

The other highlight on Easter, was our one and only guest;

puppy easter egg hunt

Her family is away and so this sweet puppy came over for the afternoon. My Daughter and i thought it would be fun to send her on an Easter Egg hunt. We put ‘bacon puppy treats’ in the plastic eggs and placed them throughout the room. She did a good job sniffing them out and well, we were entertained.

The best thing I ate on Easter were these waffles,

homemade waffles

One year my family bought me a waffle maker and we don’t use it very often but when we do we make the most amazing and fabulous homemade waffles. My husband made these for breakfast!

My last smile of the week comes thanks to Facebook. There are many times when I am annoyed with Facebook but on Easter, when we were far away from our family, it gave me a sense of being apart of their celebrations. It is great to be able to sit at the computer and read everyone’s Easter wishes to one another and to see my niece and nephew posing with their Easter baskets filled with chocolate.  For a little while, I did not feel so far away!

♥May your week be filled with smiles♥

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