I am a new Mama!!

fostering a kitten

to a foster kitten!

foster kitten

I am sorry that I have not written on my blog in awhile. I have just gone through a month long horrible toothache ordeal. I was in so much pain for a few days and a tooth that I just had capped ended up to be infected. Finally I spent over 3 hours in the dentist chair and got a root canal. I am on antibiotics for the infection (which may also explain how horrible I have been feeling). My tooth is still tender to eat but I am starting to feel so much better. During this whole time I did what I had to do and most nights I was so tired. Sadly that left no time for creativity and blogging.

My Daughter and I volunteer at the Humane Society walking dogs. This was something she really wanted to do but you have to be 18 to volunteer, so I go along with her. Well, one thing led to another and we found ourselves taking the foster parent class. This little kitten became available just heading into the week-end. The timing was good and we needed some fun in our lives, so here she is!

foster kitten

She is 6 weeks old and she has a little infection on her hind leg. She was very timid at first and ran at the sound of any little noise.

foster kitten

She is very lovable though. She tries to “climb” up your chest letting out a loud mewing sound. It reminds me of a baby crying for her Mommy. She has only been here for 2 nights but already she is settling in and loves to be cuddled and have her tummy rubbed. She will even give you some gentle little licks with her tickly tongue.

foster kitten

foster kitten

foster kitten

She has spent a lot of time finding things to go under and peeking out!


There is LOTS of time for playing too.

foster kitten

foster kitten

foster kitten

Have I mentioned how hard it is to photograph a quick moving black kitten?

foster kitten

She will be with us for about 2 weeks and then she will be off to a new home! Hopefully we will have given her lots of love to get her on the way to a happy life.

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12 responses

  1. OMG – I just heard on the radio that it got up to 102 degrees in Wichita yesterday! I feel so bad for you all down there. No one wants that kind of heat this early in the year..or ever, really.

    • Yes, it was hot and going to be the same tomorrow!! Funny thing about this Canadian girl who moved to Kansas — I hate the heat !!! how silly is that?
      I am happiest in the spring and Fall. Oh well, I will do my best to survive the heat.

      • I’ve lived here forever and I hate that kind of heat. Two years ago we had 100+ for about a month. Frightening to think we may be headed that way again…

      • I think I came on a pre-look at the area during that heat wave!! it did make me nervous. No fun when its too hot to go outside and Kansas sure could use more rain too.

      • You’re right! That summer I started having a return of my Seasonal Affective Disorder (which is generally a winter complaint) during the summer because i could never go outside. Everything was brown and dead, and when we went to Evanston, IL in the midst of that heatwave it was such a thrill to actually see green grass and colorful flowers.

  2. awe. How precious. What a lucky kitten to be in your home and showered with so much love and care. Beautiful post Mary. I am so happy you are feeling better with your tooth. Painful they can be for sure. Have a super day with your kitty. We are dog sitting while my son and daughter-in-law are in Mexico. Our ‘furry grand son’. He is sweet and no problems at all. :) Renee

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